Landet av Status Quo

Ååååååh, vad vi älskar Status Quo. Ååååååh vad vi älskar att låtsas vara toleranta. Ååååh vad vi älskar att se oss som något lite bättre än andra… Vakna! Sverige är inte ”något bättre” än något annat land. Det är en illusion… Vårt politiska system. Vår samhällsstruktur/samhällskonstruktion går att likna vid en encellig organism. Det är […]

The way stuff should be

Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Religion is NOT God. Religion is interpretation of so called ”holy texts”. There are zillions of texts from the past. Some of them are collected and put into a book. Examples: The Bible The Quran The Torah The Vedic scriptures But some texts has not been put together into […]

The Media Enigma in LENR/Cold Fusion

October 2014: A team of recognized scientists publish a report that seem to defy the laws of physics. They conclude, after a 32 day long test, that the so called ”energy catalyzer” from Andrea Rossi produces more energy out than put in. The report is validated by some and others call it a fraud. But […]

The religious enigma in the Gaza conflict

The most fascinating thing about the Gaza conflict is the fact that we even consider ”acceptable losses”. Or why not the so called ”proportional retaliation”. Hamas are controlled by idiots. They have a narrow view about what is acceptable according to their religion. They are not tolerant in any way and have a ghastly opinion […]