The Media Enigma in LENR/Cold Fusion

October 2014: A team of recognized scientists publish a report that seem to defy the laws of physics. They conclude, after a 32 day long test, that the so called ”energy catalyzer” from Andrea Rossi produces more energy out than put in. The report is validated by some and others call it a fraud. But […]

Fukushima and the nuclear fission mistake

The Fukushima incident is getting more and more creepy since there’s not much coming out in mainstream media. On other media channels however there’s much to debate. What is real information and what is hearsay? What we know for certain is that the situation in Japan is far from over. Daily, workers are pumping radioactive […]

WYSIWYG – What You Saw Is What You Got, but what did you miss?

Our society today is obsessed with the visible universe. Anything beyond what we can see isn’t tolerated. In fact it has become taboo to discuss a reality where anomalies not provable in the materialistic world is possible. And yet there are so many signs that the universe is so much more than what we see. […]