What if Sasquatch is real?

What would happen if we received conclusive facts that Sasquatch, or ”Bigfoot”, is real. For real?

What would happen to media? Because media and mainstream science has ridiculed the phenomenon for many years. Could we ever trust mainstream media again?

Objectively, there are thousands of independent reports of encounters with Sasquatch. Whenever media reports about it, it is always with the ”wow” factor. Why?

Why can’t we just investigate the phenomenon? Because it is a phenomenon…

Scientific investigation regarding ”Bigfoot sounds”:

Ok you got the sounds… Now let’s have a look at the DNA evidence:


And if you want a historical perspective, which many think is bullshit, why not watch this excellent presentation by the late Lloyd Pye:

Is there even a thing called homanoid?

I leave that up to you all to discover for yourselves.

Obvious question: Do I believe in Bigfoot? – I don’t believe. But I don’t dismiss either. Cheers!

//patrik wiksten



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