Todays feminism isn’t feminism

It could be so easy…

Feminism should be the movement promoting egalitarianism. Feminism should be the movement against patriarchy. But it isn’t.

Feminism today is an anti-male movement. And has adopted marxism and probably most other communist agendas. Feminism today is a left wing ideology who promotes state control and enforced norms where all males are evil women-hating bastards.

That is not the case.

The patriarchy is a present fact, but we are moving away from it. That is a great but slow progressing thing.

Feminism shouldn’t be a woman thing, it should be a male thing. Every man on this planet should take a real deep look into reality and wake up. The society we live in isn’t equal. Every man should be ashamed by this fact and take REAL action. But that is not the norm…

Instead of a left wing feminist agenda, we should all, man and woman, work for equal rights for both men and women in all aspects of society. In fact, there are areas where men definitely are discriminated.

Feminism is women rights from a female perspective. Egalitarianism is equal rights regardless of sex.

Todays feminism has hijacked the true meaning of equal rights and turned it in to a left wing political men-hating movement. That can never create equality. Never.

Just thoughts…

//patrik wiksten



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