The science delusion on cold fusion

It is sad stuff… The stuff they publish at the swedish ”scientific” editorial office at SR (Swedish Radio).

Their approach is that Andrea Rossi is a fraud. Nothing else. They focus on the individual, Andrea Rossi, and criticize Swedish and Italian researchers because of their interest in the so called “e-cat”.

Where’s the background research regarding the findings of Pons/Fleischmann?

Where are the interviews with key figures regarding cold fusion? Where is the interview with Mike McKubre who’s been researching the field since 1992?

Nowhere to be found.

They isolate the ”e-cat” as a single event that has nothing to do with 1989. It has nothing to do with Pons/Fleischmann. It is journalism in its worst form..

Ulrika Björksten is the editor in chief at the scientific editorial office at “public service” in Sweden. Public Service is supposed to be “The peoples voice” in media, but Ulrika and her staff has proven that it is all about defending the established view on science. Ulrika should in my point of view, resign and do something else…

Their approach towards the field is titled “The blind faith in cold fusion”. Why? Is that particular headline especially important to the Swedish public? Or is it an attempt to ridicule all research regarding so called “cold fusion”?

This scientific paradigm is probably the saddest fucking paradigm in the history of mankind. It is not credible in any way. I urge you all to listen to Rupert Sheldrake and his “The science delusion”. This paradigm sucks from a scientific point of view.

//Patrik Wiksten


2 thoughts on “The science delusion on cold fusion

  1. Re read thomas kuhn and all our millennia of conservative science, there is nothing exceptional today. Remember the science in 1900…

    Jean-Francois Geneste explains that from 1905 to 1925 physics was rewritten by a mass of experiments, and since 1925 physics have been successful in explaining and even predicting most of observation.
    This is nearly a century of ”normal science” as say thomas kuhn.


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