Just say NO – YOU have the power

Just say NO to war

In a democracy, you have all the power…

It is YOU who vote.

And the ones you vote for is supposed to serve YOU.

That is the TRUE way power goes.

In a democracy it is YOU who makes the hard decisions, through referendums.

Tear down all that is not democracy.

Tear down that intel.

Tear down NSA.

Tear down all that is not democratic. Because that is NOT what you voted for…

War is NOT an option.

Communicate as you were brother and sister. We are all one.

Stop the insanity. You can stop it.

There is no power. The power is within you. You are the government. You have all the power. You can say NO to war.

John Kerry is none. Obama is none. Putin is none. They are YOU. YOU are the power. Just STOP it. Just say NO to war.

//patrik wiksten



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