The faith thing…

There are those in this world who claims to have faith. And they claim it is a good thing.

What the fuck is faith?

And why is it good?

I have faith in love. And respect for others. Isn’t that enough?

Why this insanity judging others?

If Charlie Hebdo publish a cartoon of a religious figure, so what? It doesn’t matter if it’s a muslim or christian figure, it’s a fucking cartoon! It’s about debate. It’s about communication. It is about the right of every human being, being able to express their thoughts and their right to provoke a debate!

You who claim to have faith in God. You who claim to be ”righteous”, do you really believe that your deity need protection? Do you really believe that you have to murder fellow men just because of your faith? HEY! Your deity is Almighty! Did you miss that?

That means that your Deity can kill every man that is not righteous just of the fact that he’s allegedly ”Almighty”. You don’t need to do just that job!!! Relax! The dude is FUCKING Almighty!

What I do know is that all you who claim to have faith in God, read books. You read very, very old books. And as far as I know, those books talk about love and respect. All of them. So why don’t you just go ”ALL OUT” and show endless respect and love for your fellow man, regardless of what ”faith” he adjusts to?

I have no clue… It is all a mystery.

//patrik wiksten



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