The Media Enigma in LENR/Cold Fusion

October 2014: A team of recognized scientists publish a report that seem to defy the laws of physics. They conclude, after a 32 day long test, that the so called ”energy catalyzer” from Andrea Rossi produces more energy out than put in.

The report is validated by some and others call it a fraud.

But where is the debate in media?

There is no debate in media. None. Sure, you can find some reporting in obscure media channels, but nothing in mainstream media. None.

The debate is occurring in forums and social media. And there is no confirmation from official sources.


The debate in mainstream media is all about climate change and wind power, and solar power, and other accepted ways to produce energy. YES! They all concur, we have to do something about the oil thing. And the coal thing. And probably also something about the nuclear thing. We have to make a dramatic change to our way of life if we want to make stuff work in the future. They all CONCUR!

And here comes this guy who claims to have invented a way to produce CHEAP, ABUNDANT and CLEAN energy with some new low nuclear reaction that doesn’t produce hazardous waste.

Why is this not reported in the media???

Regardless of it is true or not, there are too many respected scientists making positive comments about the report just to throw it away. BUT IT’s NOT debated in mainstream media, WHY?

WHY isn’t media reporting about this? It is something that could revolutionize EVERYTHING!


I just don’t get it…

Recently a Russian scientist claimed excess heat replicating Rossi. Nothing in media… In science, replicating is a key thing regarding the so called ”scientific method”. Still nothing in media. HEY, LISTEN: A Russian scientist just replicated the so called ”Rossi Hot Cat”. The report is clearly well written and well presented. Where is MEDIA?

And the most amazing thing in all of it is that Rossi isn’t the only one working in the field of LENR/Cold Fusion. Michael McKubre of Stanton Research Institute, a well respected nuclear scientist, has been working in the field since 1992. He is on the advisory board of Brillouin Energy, a company that also has shown excess energy in their own version of LENR/Cold Fusion Technology. He had issues with the ”Lugano report” but gave it a ”thumbs up”.

Still nothing in media.


Media produces ”news” every single day regarding the need for new energy initiatives. But NONE is active in the debate regarding ”New Energy Technology”. New science that clearly has been suppressed when studying history. I myself can show you irrefutable FACTS that it has been suppressed by the establishment with economic grounds. It’s all about the money!


This is not welcome in the establishment. This will not happen through so called ”official channels” This is something that will have to happen among the public. And that is why it needs to be open sourced.

By open sourcing the knowledge regarding LENR/Cold Fusion, we will circumvent the establishment and present an alternative way for New Energy Technology.

So be brave, talk about LENR/Cold Fusion. Talk about New Energy Technology. And support initiatives open sourcing it.

//patrik wiksten


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