The immaculate you

It didn’t take long to destroy it. But you were immaculate once upon a time, long ago.

The Universe stood there right before you expecting you to become who you have the potential to be. Because the Universe is self organizing, and always expect whatever life form or source of energy to optimize and harmonize with the surrounding environment.

And then the shit started. Religion, cultural ideals, dogmas, norms, lack of food, lack of water, social skills, lack of social skills. Fear and more fear. Fear works, let’s create more fear. Control, power, money, power, money.

You drifted, away from your path. The path that was set for you, by the Universe. Destroyed by everything working against you and your true self.

You got older and maybe you were among those who accepted and adapted this new pathways, far away from your true self. Maybe you just got so molded by your close social environment that you never even thought about questioning things. Maybe you thought success was about being one of those who are considered successful by those in your herd, those from the same mold.

Or maybe you were one of those who never accepted the reality forced upon you. Maybe you became one of those who never fitted in. An outcast, a renegade.

Either way, the day will come when you start to summarize. The day you have to question your path. – Did I choose right? Did I walk the righteous path? – Did I do what I was put here to do? Because if you don’t, you will understand just before you die that you never lived.

What is success?

Is it those material things that cost loads of money? Is it to be respected by the herd? Is it to become popular? Is it to have power, power over the herd? Is it to gain a title?

Or is it to become the person you were set here on this planet, by the Universe, to be? Is it to gain knowledge far beyond the social borders? Is it to understand what life is about? Is it to have felt love, true love only for a second?

What is good and evil?

There is no good or evil. Only within social borders. Because definition of good and evil is created within those borders. Culture, religion, norms and ideals. What is good? What is evil?

Love is good, we know that. Not just because we’re told so, but because we can feel it is good.

Hate and fear is evil, we know that. Not because we’re told so, but because we can feel it is evil.

So, in a position where you have to choose between fear and love, you will always choose love. It is the most natural thing in the world. True love is immaculate. Just as you were the moment you were born.

Choose love. Always.

//patrik wiksten



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