The way we are…

Hey all!

This is a confession.

I confess to know not all things there is to know.


I am a human being and I don’t know all, sorry! I was born on a planet called ”Earth”.

I was brought to a family in Sweden. They were so called ”workers”. That means they spent like 8 hours at a place called ”work” every day and got some kind of reward in the end of the month.

They didn’t celebrate payday, so I recon it wasn’t that great…

I learned to read and write early they say. So, when I came to school they made me play ”Bingo” when the others practiced A and B. It’s a ”socialistic” thing some say… I was kind of surprised since my relatives said school was tough… It was explained to my parents that the others needed to ”catch up”. I was apparently way ahead, and that is not preferable in the socialistic society.

I always wondered when that day would come. The day where I had to focus for more than 10 seconds to understand. As a child I always thought school was work. And work was simple.

So, I never understood the challenge to work for money.

Some now will say I am arrogant and patronizing, but I’m not. I am trying to paint the world I grew up in. I am a unique human being. And so are everyone born on this planet.

I have never been afraid of expressing myself. I have never felt the need to consult anyone to fight for my cause. I have always told the story of myself and never excused myself when looking for work or asking for a raise of pay.

Socialism is destroying the human being. It might sound nice to talk about equality and justice for all. But socialism NEVER recognizes the individual. It is all about the collective. It is all about the masses.

In all that equality, where am I? Where’s the individual?

Socialism is power to the state. The state should regulate whatever needs regulating. That is killing of the individual. It is a mass murder of individuals who has individual thoughts about what is good for humanity.

Socialism is the enemy of humanity.

But Socialism isn’t alone…

Religion is without a doubt the worst enemy of humanity. The creation of a way to live where anyone who differs is considered a spawn of Satan. Woosh…


You were born on this planet. You are unique. No one can tell you how to live your life. No one…

So go your own way. Communicate with others in search of whatever, and never believe for a fact what any other human being say. Take it as a point of input. An input to your interpretation of what is going on and what is important. Never accept what any other say as truth. You make your own truth. And your truth is how you communicate without judging others. Respect.

//patrik wiksten



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