The veil and the world


Your at home after work. But there’s still stuff to do…

Two of your children has soccer practice after school. They brought their equipment and will be hungry returning home. Your wife is working and won’t be home until late.

This is reality. This is what we do every day. We go to work to earn money to pay for food and material stuff. When we get home we start our second work day – to feed our kids and to keep our home clean. This isn’t what has been…

There was a time when we males left home early to hunt or fish. Females stayed home, took care of the children and collected berries and roots. If your hunting luck was good you might be home again when the sun was at it’s peak. You had time to play with your children and prepare for dinner. There was no idiot-boss calling wondering where you were. There was no schedules to meet and no customers to visit.

If hunting became scarce you moved on. You found a new place where hunting was good.

Everyday you did what was needed. Your health and presence was vital for the community. What you did was truly important. Is it that way today?

With farming and cultivating of animals people discovered that they could stay in the same place and build more comfortable homes. The workload was higher but there was no need to move on. Things changed. Man became territorial.

Suddenly land became valuable. You could find land that was fertile and easy to work with. You felt the need to protect this piece of land since there were other people desiring it. This was the start of wars. There had never been wars until man started to cultivate the land and keeping livestock.

Weather became a factor. Earlier you moved on if a particular piece of land didn’t deliver as expected. But now when you had land to protect you had to figure out some way to optimize. You needed good crops. So you started to wonder… …who controls the weather? Who decides what land is best for agriculture? There must be some deities involved. And suddenly there was religion…

Religion was a new and exciting subject. Some men said they had contact with the Gods. They said they had been told what to do to make crops good. And people listened. They treated these men as semi-gods. They became holy men. No one could question them since they were in contact with the Gods. If they commanded a sacrifice because the Gods demanded it, people would obey. The human borders of what was acceptable was pushed in an undesirable direction which was impossible to avoid since the ”holy men” had contact with the deities. Humanity started to loose itself.

How can you question a man who claims to have directions from the creator?

Humanity was demoted. Deities became the new big thing. Everything was connected to deities.

Man learned to write and read. Those who learned this first was the scholars, those who had ”contact” with the deities. Those who cultivated the land and raised livestock didn’t have time nor the interest to read. That is what created divisions in society. This is what created the hierarchy and the base for todays society. They became politicians and coveted power. This is what created corruption.

Suddenly someone created money. It was said to be a great way to trade. You no longer were dependent for certain resources to occur at a place at a certain time, you had money… Money became the primary way to trade resources. And the bankers were born… They discovered a way to earn resources by lending out money. They could charge interest, a percentage of what was traded. They could actually get resources without creating anything real, just by delaying some trades they could place interest and earn money out of nothing. This is where the shit hit the fan…

These bankers wanted more and more. And as trade became more common these bankers found more business by connecting certain trades. They invented the expression ”synergy”. And the bankers saw it was good.

So, to get people to believe in the banking system they needed to convince the holy men that money was important to God. And BOOM, every holy place started to collect money. The bankers had won!

This is where we are today. We are lured into a system that has been developing for centuries. We are surrounded by bankers and holy men who tells us what to do. And we believe them.

We have forgotten what humanity is about. Family. Social activities. Giving when others need. Listening to the eco-system. Living with nature and not ruling it.

There is a way to combine the good things that bankers and deities have brought. That is to evolve with humanity as base. Let’s get back to humanity using all the knowledge we have. Let’s get back to the basic needs and feel complete with the company of our family. Let’s be curious and learn from others and use that knowledge to make more time for social stuff and family.

Technology isn’t a threat in itself. Technology is a threat through the way it is delivered. By open sourcing knowledge the threat goes away. Open sourcing is the way to promote humanity.

We can be a high-tech society with a human base. It is possible.

Religion and the monetary system has put a veil on you. You are looking at the world through their veil.

Tear that veil, and see the world as it is.

//patrik wiksten



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