Get your head straight, tear that cultural veil that is clouding your vision

It is just too much to handle…

The Islamic State has declared an islamic caliphate. Anything or anyone that differ from Islam will be destroyed. We are watching the christian crusades again in our time. Same thing but different prophet and different old moldy book to back it up.

This is what religion is all about. Interpretation. There has been many prophets through time and there has been many interpretations and retells of what those prophets might have said. It is all about who thinks they follow what is believed to be right according to those who might have said what is written in those old moldy books.

It gets to the point where humanity looses itself. It gets to the point where the most extreme interpretation of the old texts gains followers since stuff isn’t working out in the material world. People are getting desperate since they see blasphemers getting all the good stuff and you who thought you were following the word of God isn’t getting any. Then your God can’t be satisfied in the way you worship him. So let’s get more extreme. Then, and only then he will give you what you think you should have in the material world.


Everything in our world is getting more and more polarized. Compassion and understanding is being replaced by hate and prejudice. Everything gets to the edge, in every sense.

In a world where competition is more important than humanity it is inevitable. If you are on the winning team you have nothing to complain about. If you are on the loosing team you will read every page in that moldy book you put your faith in and try hard to understand what you missed. You will read the same stuff over and over and get more and more desperate. Suddenly there will come a guy who gives hope. He will say something about not following the truth and surely also something about ”pure faith”. He will get followers since there are so many desperate people. They will listen to someone who normally would be waived. Everything this guy suggests will be more and more extreme and more and more people will accept it. It is what religion always do to those who are desperate.

When will the winning team realize what is really wrong? When will the winning team understand that they would do the same if they were on the loosing team?

Instead people from the winning team dismiss the other team as ”fanatics” or ”extremists”.

When will people in this world realize that humanity is what life is about? There is nothing wrong in having faith or believe in a deity. That is completely up to you. But you MUST never judge others since you don’t know their background or life story. When will people realize that we are on ONE planet, ONE earth and we are all made of the same stuff? Culture forms through given conditions. If you are born in one place you will form according to the conditions given. That is what culture is. If you had been born in a different country with other conditions, your culture would be different. Your vision is clouded with a cultural veil.

The story that is unveiling in the Middle East right now is evil. They murder whole families because those families had the ”wrong” faith. Yes, it is insane. Yes it is evil. But we must not stop at stating it is evil, we must understand why. And we must start building a world where this NEVER happens again. Because it will happen again if we do nothing about what is wrong in the core.

Get your head straight and tear that cultural veil that is clouding your vision…

//patrik wiksten



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