It will revolutionize the world

The information society and open sourcing.

You don’t have to do anything really… You don’t have to spend hours at different libraries and search for literature with optics and light. You don’t have to send letters to distinguished members of all kinds of societies and ask for direction.

You live in the ”Information Society”.

The Information Society means that you can have whatever information you desire with some clicks on a computer or a mobile device. You can establish contact with people all around the world within seconds. You can share information that before meant transportation at significant costs over huge distances only within seconds. The Information Society means that people have to change, they have already. But it also means politicians need to change. That hasn’t happened in the same way…

Still our leaders spent trillions of dollars on the military industrial complex. Why don’t they use all that money to use the amazing new features the Information Society presents?

The Information Society means that we don’t longer need ideologies and thereby politicians in the same way we needed before. We can solve problems ourselves without the need of the single most inefficient organization in the world – The Government with its institutions.

Instead of paying taxes we could organize crowd funding of necessary social structures and functions. This is sooooo scary for the politicians. Instead of buying expensive technology from huge corporations, we could develop the same stuff with open sourcing.

Open Sourcing means that whatever you find out you make public. Instead of patenting inventions you share it with the public domain. All those working in the same field will use your discoveries and will contribute towards a common goal. That is what is known in physics as RESONANCE.

New technology would take quantum leaps everyday since the whole world works together and shares the progress.

This planet has become smaller. The word ”exotic” isn’t necessary anymore. There is nothing that is exotic! We are all one. One planet where mother Earth provides natural resources for everybody. By sharing we could get rid of what is causing pain and inequalities in the world. Instead of a ruling elite we could make sure that everyone has a chance to not only survive, but to thrive and provide for our families.

I’m not saying that those who are rich in the monetary system today should give away their money. I am saying that by sharing technology, everyone has a chance to get wealthy by own work.

Energy is the key to everything. With energy you can create an environment where food, water and electricity is abundant. Today energy is the single most successful business in the world. Oil, Coal, Gas, Nuclear power is what is controlling the world today. Let’s get rid of the dependence! We can create new ways to produce energy that is not polluting the environment or sucking the life out of poor workers in the so called ”third world”. It is here.

Just by applying solar panels in the Sahara Desert you could replace every nuclear power plant in the world. But there is so much more going on in the field of New Energy Technology. We know how to tap into the ”zero point energy field”. We know that cold fusion is possible. We know that water can power our cars. We know all that. But it has been suppressed…

There are many ”cellar inventors” out there with hopes of discovering the next big thing. They all hope to make enormous amounts of money by patent it. Hey… You can make enormous amounts of money by open sourcing it! Open Sourcing means that anyone who uses your technology gives back percentage of the revenue. That means that you can have thousands of different companies using your technology and making revenue which will eventually reach you.

That is what open sourcing is about. Trust. No one will trade with a company that doesn’t honor the kick back to the inventor.

We could change the world if we only started to understand what the Information Society and Open Sourcing is about…

//patrik wiksten



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