The religious enigma in the Gaza conflict

The most fascinating thing about the Gaza conflict is the fact that we even consider ”acceptable losses”. Or why not the so called ”proportional retaliation”.

Hamas are controlled by idiots. They have a narrow view about what is acceptable according to their religion. They are not tolerant in any way and have a ghastly opinion about lots of things. But that’s the way it goes in the extremist muslim community. They fire rockets ”to protect their population”. WOW! In what way are you protecting your citizens by firing rockets you know will be shot down by the Iron Dome??? The only thing you are successful with is provoking attacks on your innocent civilians. Hamas is not interested in peace. They have declared that ”Jihad is the only way”.

But Hamas and the people of Palestine is the oppressed in this conflict. They stand against a mighty power armed with nuclear weapons. The Israeli army is the second most advanced military force in the world (some will disagree to that).

To this date the body count is as follows: Hamas vs Israel 1 – 196. According to UN. It is not David against Goliath, it’s baseball bats against Gatling machine guns… It is INSANE.

The only outcome of this is the deaths of innocent civilians. Women and children are slaughtered in their homes. The world is loosing human lives to a conflict that should never be.

”Bibi” Netanyahu and his team is just as much of idiots as the Hamas. How come Hamas is stamped as terrorists and not the Israeli government? Netanyahu is a TERRORIST. He claims to protect his people and says that he has no other choice than to retaliate. And he adds that he tries to avoid civilian casualties. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU AVOID CIVILIAN CASUALTIES WHEN YOU TARGET CIVILIAN HOMES???

I do understand that there is no easy solution to this conflict using conventional politics and established methods. So why not look at it from the most basic perspective.

Hey look, there was this piece of land. It was part of the Earth and untouched by humans. Then some dudes showed up and built homes and started to cultivate the soil. They called it home. Some wise guy said that their deity promised them this land like forever. Suddenly some other dudes came along and coveted the same spot of land. There was this fight and the new guys took control of this particular piece of land. These new guys worshipped the same deity as the old guys but had a new and more cool interpretation.

Time passed and the old guys suffered and was treated badly everywhere they went. The world recognized the hardship of the old guys and told them ”Hey, go back to that original peace of land that you came from and live forever happy”. They went back and started cultivating the land. Suddenly they realized that they had become powerful and thought they could expand their plot. They could do that since their deity had promised them that which was written in that old book long ago. And the writings was only supposed to apply to those who was related to this dude called ”David”. They became a force to be recognized and fought some with good results. ”Hey you assholes, there’s a new sheriff in town, BACK OFF!”

Feeling good about themselves they continued to cultivate more and more land, pushing away those who opposed. And they could do that since they were friends with the most powerful nation in the world from who they got more and more powerful weapons.

And they felt it was all good since it was according to the old writings in that old moldy book.

The dudes not related to the David dude felt oppressed. They had cultivated the land for a long time and was pushed further and further back. The new guys put up fences to keep them away from land they used to roam. ”This sucks” they said. So they started what they called an ”Intifadah”.
So they started killing each other. Whenever they had the chance while the world wasn’t looking. They started to hate each other and praying that God would destroy the other part. The house of David was superior and successfully killed many more than the other part since they had so much cooler weapons provided by their powerful friend in the west. But no solution was found.

How would their deity react to this? They all prayed to the same God. One one side they called him ”Allah” on the other side they didn’t dare to call him by name since he was to holy. They just referred to him as JHVE.

And there we are today. Human beings divided by religion. They praise the same Deity but refuse to recognize the others interpretation.

Isn’t this CRAZY? Of course!

Religion is a way to live. You choose to live by a certain code or dogma. And often you deem others ”unfaithful”. This is why religion has to understand humanity. Religion isn’t GOD. Religion is an interpretation of stuff written in old moldy books.

But the real enigma is that all religions talks about LOVE. All religions talks about TOLERANCE. All religions talks about RESPECT. But no religion practices it. Instead they HATE and despise. All religions who worship this particular deity knows that they will be judged on judgement day. And no one but God can judge you. And still they judge others daily. Why?

My final words in this conflict is as it should be according to all that is written in your ”holy books”.

Love your God. Love your neighbor without judgement. Respect your neighbor although he doesn’t believe in the same stuff as you. Live side by side and work together. Never judge other people, just act according to what you believe in. If you choose to side with a specific religion and live by a religious code – do so, by all means, but NEVER criticize or judge those who don’t. What you believe in must NEVER affect other human beings.

//patrik wiksten



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