The Putin thing

Ukraine and Russia. Russia and Ukraine. And Europe. Oops, forgot the Crimea situation…

This isn’t easy!

First of all, Vladimir Putin isn’t Adolf Hitler. Far from it. Putin is a leader with issues. Those issues are mostly a historical heritage.

The Soviet Union, the power from the East. The power that went South. The power that was meant to be everlasting. The power that failed, like the Roman empire…

Why did it fail?

There’s one simple explanation to that. THE PETRODOLLAR!

United States of America succeeded in the ”take over” of the human thing on planet Earth. The bankers that own USA convinced the oil producing countries to sell oil with one base currency. The Petrodollar!

This is the reason why USA and not the Soviet Union travelled to Afganistan and Iraq to ”liberate” the fine people of these magnificent countries. This is the reason why USA and not the Soviet Union ”liberated” Libya and managed to start what is commonly called ”The arab spring”.

The Soviet Union is no more. But there is a heritage to be aware of. In many perspectives…

Crimea was the ”Soviet Florida”. The place where the distinguished party members went on vacation and the place where they retired.

When the wall came down in 1990 and the Soviet Union was dissolved, the people of Crimea voted (1991) for a independent Crimea. They did not want to join Ukraine at the time but instead to become ”the autonomous state of Crimea”.

This is the heritage Putin has to work with… The people of Crimea is mainly russian and more than 70% of the population has Russian as the native language.

This makes the whole situation complicated and not as black and white as the media tries to proclaim…

The situation in Crimea is compared to the situation in Kosovo a few years back. No! Crimea isn’t Kosovo, but it is a delicate matter…

Putin doesn’t want to build a ”third reich”. But he wants to build a strong Russia. Crimea is unique and isn’t the start of a ”new Soviet Union”. Let this be an isolated event!

Ukraine is Ukraine. Crimea is Crimea. And there is overwhelming support for a Russian intervention.Let it go…

Start building a strong Ukraine with support from Europe and Russia. There is no insurmountable obstacles to achieve this… Let there be PEACE!

I don’t agree with Russia and Putin and the way they have acted in Crimea from an international law perspective, but the history of Crimea makes the intervention acceptable in my point of view. Let the autonomous republic of Crimea decide what is their way. And they have decided…

Let’s focus on the tatar population and make sure they don’t suffer in this situation…

//patrik wiksten



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