Let’s do some progress in the gun issue…

First of all, I am not an american citizen. And I do not have a say in the matter of gun issues. I respect the constitution, in fact I wish we had a similar one in my country. And the second amendment is important. Unknown

I have to admit that second amendment to me was merely a self defense thing before I read and understood the american constitution, but it is much more than that! It is there to mark the importance of people’s right to defend themselves against a rogue government. 1776 is a landmark in history not only for US citizens but also for all human beings. It is where the people rose against an oppressive government and formed a republic for the people, with the people’s interest in the first room.

Every american citizen has the right to bear arms to defend himself and his family.

I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT! In fact I like the core of it!

So, what’s the problem?

There are innocent people dying every year with fatal gunshot wounds. Children are living in fear of being shot. Schools in the US has to spend zzounds of resources just to ensure safety for those who attend. WHY?

The gun related killings in US is silly over the top in statistics compared to other countries. WHY?

Well… The core thing is great but there is a shady gray perimeter where the products of senseless greed grows… No dudes and dames, I do not question capitalism, I question corporate greed…

How would a background check fit within the constitution? I see no problem with that…

We all live in a society and we as a society has to do health checks from time to time just to see where we’re at… If you are a violent criminal and has shown no respect to your fellow citizens, why would you still have the right to bear arms? And if you have mental issues and has shown signs of not being able to control yourself, why should you be able to buy an assault rifle?

So what’s the PROBLEM?


And that’s why these companies hire lobbyists to fight politically preventing any legislation that would in any way interfere with second amendment.

YES! Fight for your constitutional rights, but also fight for your safety. Fight for your children and stop insane shootings.


I am not saying that every american citizen who has a crime record should be stopped when trying to buy a handgun. There must be a clear and precise incentive.

I don’t think pot smokers should be prohibited from buying guns. I don’t think shop lifters should be prohibited from buying guns. But I would seriously question anyone who has clearly crossed the line regarding violence. Those who cannot control themselves in a situation where control was important. That is to me a necessary background check without questioning second amendment.


//patrik wiksten



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