The unnecessary ideologies in todays Information Society

There was a time when ideologies were needed. 

That was the time when information technology wasn’t available. That was the time when Ronald Reagan was president of the US and Javier Pérez de Cuéllar was head of the United Nations. That was the time when Adolf Hitler ruled Germany and Stasi roamed the streets of east Germany…

You might think I’ve mixed it all up, but I haven’t! It was a time when the authorities thought they had the power to do whatever they wanted.

That was the time before THE INFORMATION SOCIETY!

The Information Society means that we at every single moment in time has access to whatever information we seek. That means that political parties and ideologies isn’t needed!

Oh? You say oh?

Well, let me explain it to ya!

When information was scarce and news took days to publish there was a need to point out a direction. You needed to set a goal not just practically, but also politically. And thus began the age of political parties…

You hade one faction pulling in one direction since they thought they had found the only and true direction while interpreting their ideology. And there was the opposite party who definitely had discovered the truth.

And all those political parties created a “bible”. That bible spoke of a goal and a road to that goal. Many times the goal was the same for several parties but the road was not the same…

So the democratic elections decided what way we would take to get to the same goal…

The sad thing is that often both parties had right in different issues. But since only one faction could be elected it took several mandate periods before we could get consistence regarding certain issues.

And that is why we don’t need political parties anymore!

Information Society means that we always at any time given can get answers to the most profound questions we have. We don’t need to point out a direction since we already know where to go, and the way to go there. It’s all about FORUMS!

We could have a society free from ideologies, and full of focus on issues that are vital to us!

WOW, I want to go there!

//patrik wiksten


One thought on “The unnecessary ideologies in todays Information Society

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