Ukraine – The revolution

There are thousands and thousands more people out on the streets in Kiev. Mainstream media reports that it’s all about leaving Putin and welcoming Europe.

Oppositional forces claim that the world has seen the greatest Ukraine protest march in history, more than 800 000 people took the streets in protest.

The world is shaking! NOT. The world is waiting! NOT. The world is watching! NOT.

This is just a rerun of some other so called ”revolution” in some other place. It may result in some minor changes regarding the political system in Ukraine OR it may result in an russian intervention. Who knows?

You may call me cynical or bitter. But we have seen this so many times before…

The problem is what’s happening when the so called ”revolution” is in effect. NOTHING!


Because the only thing that is HAPPENING is you get some other faction in power with the same political system to work with.

A REVOLUTION is not only to remove the current regim, it’s about changing the SYSTEM! Every single human being is unique. Every single human being should be able to do their thing without being persecuted. Every single human being should respect others choice regardless of political or religious belief. A Revolution is changing the society from the foundation and THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE!


This is not a revolution, it’s a rerun of a bad 80:s or 90:s series.

I apologize for the hard words, but I get so frustrated whenever there is a fake REVOLUTION.

I sympathize with the ukrainian people. I send all my blessings and hope for real CHANGE! If you, the ukrainian people, wants to connect politically and economically with us in Europe, I wish you the best of luck! You are my brothers and sisters!

//patrik wiksten



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