Shia and Sunni – brothers and sisters killing each other

Of all the conflicts in the world this must be the most hard one to figure out…


These groups are at the core of the middle-eastern conflict and everyday innocent people are getting killed. As it seems they REALLY hate eachother, why?

Well it is about succession… When the prophet Muhammad died two different parties started yapping about just that thing. Who should be the rightful successor to the great prophet Muhammad.


This has carried on since 632 A.D. and the fire is still burning. And sadly, in my opinion, there are forces not muslim who tries to use this with divide and rule methods. There are forces who celebrate this unnecessary gap between muslims and use it…

Look at the weapons trade. To me it seems the western countries are always trying to add fuel to the fire and provides weapons to the side most in need to keep the situation in status quo.

This is a short 5 min video that gives a brief background to the Shia/Sunni conflict.

It is time to end this conflict, the only loosers are muslims, noone else…

How can you otherwise in a trustworthy fashion claim that Islam is a peaceful religion?

//patrik wiksten



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