WYSIWYG – What You Saw Is What You Got, but what did you miss?


Our society today is obsessed with the visible universe. Anything beyond what we can see isn’t tolerated. In fact it has become taboo to discuss a reality where anomalies not provable in the materialistic world is possible. And yet there are so many signs that the universe is so much more than what we see.

The scientific establishment isn’t even interested in investigating what might lie beyond our visible universe. It is more important to prove the existance of those silly small particles that are the building blocks of an atom. Don’t misunderstand me, I too find it intreaging and important, but there may be ways to understand the laws of the universe and such things as gravity without being able to see that silly small stuff.

And suddenly when someone presents something that doesn’t fit in with standards and proven theories, this guy gets hammered with disbelief. It has become more important to debunk and defend proven theories than to try, really try, to find out what this guy possibly has discovered. It seems that some scientists find pleasure in ridicule and suppression. Why?


Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announced at a press conference in 1989 that they had found anomalous heat effects while experimenting with heavy water. The press conference was held as the university of Utah had requested it. Pons/Fleischmann had intended to publish their work according to common practice in a journal together with another team from a different university which had similar results. They claimed a sustained nuclear fusion reaction which media soon found a more interesting name; Cold Fusion. Many other scientists were pissed off by the way they presented it and got on the debunking/ridicule train immediately.

Here’s Dr Eugene Mallove on the subject regarding the suppression by the establishment:

It is clear today that Pons/Fleischmann, who put in one hundred thousand dollars of their own money in the project, where treated wrongfully by both media and the established scientific community.

This is a recent well documented example how suppression works but throughout history we have seen many others recieve the same  treatment:
Faces  of  Suppression:


The herd
The herd is us. We are following the leader and those who dare move in a different direction is either reprimanded or excluded. The amazing thing is this herd is not watched by a sheepdog. It isn’t necessary! We are herding ourselves…

The wise men are saying: – Nothing is real but the stuff we can see or feel. And we agree. But on sundays some listen to this other wise guy who says: – You will be guided by the holy spirit! Which is a thing that you can’t see or feel, just sense! Weird huh?

Anyone who dares to walk against the flow is immidiately stamped as a dissident troublemaker or in best case ”alternative”.

We truly need to start accepting the unique in human beings and appreciate it. Stop disregarding other ways of thinking and instead of killing the subject – be curious! How did that guy ever come to that conclusion?

There is a lot of things going on in our world which we can’t see. Our eyes are limited to see within a certain spectrum, everything else is invisible to our eyes but still stuff is happening in that range. Our ears can only hear certain vibrations, but there are stuff which is going on beyond that! And that is just two of our senses, what else is there which we cannot experience?

What is consiousness? No one really knows… The materialist scientists claim that our physical brain creates consiousness, and the ones sometimes called ”new age thinkers” say that our physical body is just a transceiver, receiving a signal from another dimension.

Graham Hancock on consciousness:

You all got what you saw, felt, smelled or heard. But what did you miss?

//patrik wiksten



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