The religious query hour – christianity, judaism and Islam special edition

Welcome to the ”Religiuos Query Hour”!

Todays contestants are:

Egbert the christian
Goldstein the jew
Achmed the muslim

Welcome everyone, let’s get on to the first question!

First question: Is it ok to say that you all worship the same God?

1. Egbert: Yes!
2. Goldstein: Absolutely!
3. Achmed: Of course!

Cool! Let’s get on with the next question!

2. Is it ok to say that your common God is inifinite LOVE?

Egbert: Absolutely!
Goldstein: Yes!
Achmed: Yes, without a doubt!

Cool! We’re on to something!

3. Would you all say that your God is ALMIGHTY?

Egbert: My God is Almighty, absolutely!
Goldstein: Almighty, Yes!
Achmed: Allahu Akbar!


4. Is it fair to say that your God will judge you on the final day?

Egbert: YES!
Goldstein: YES!
Achmed: YES!


5. If your God is almighty, stands for infinite LOVE and will judge you all on the final day then: Why don’t you all live in PEACE? This considered: You all worship the same God, you all believe that your God is INFINITE LOVE and this, your God, will judge you all on judgement day.

Egbert: The others haven’t seen the truth!
Goldstein: We wait for the Messiah!
Achmed: Allah will provide us with the truth!

Errm, you didn’t answer the question!

Let´s try again!

5. If GOD which all of you has stated is the same for all of you and this deity is almighty, is infinite love and will judge all of you on the final day, why don’t you just live side by side and love and respect each other?

Egbert: We respect all and love all but they need to find the truth!
Goldstein: We respect all and love all but the Messiah will show the way when he arrives!
Achmed: Allah is almighty. Allah will judge those not worthy. Allahu Akbar!

Now, this is confusing to me… You all agree that you all worship the same God. And you all agree that your God is infinite love and will judge you on you final day. So what’s the problem?

Egbert: Jesus Christ walked the Earth and provided miracles. He is the son of God and died on the cross while accepting all our sin!
Goldstein: Moses showed the way and told the truth! The Messiah is still to come!
Achmed: Allahu Akbar! Shut up you infidels! It is all illusions!

Oh… So that stuff about God is the final judge isn’t viable?

Egbert: Nono, we will all be judged by God on the final day!
Goldstein: Yes, on the final day, Yom HaDin!
Achmed: Yawm ad-Din! Yes, the day of judgement!

Ok, why don’t you just respect each others interpretation of this day then? I mean… It doesn’t matter since ALL of you will be judged by your God?

Egbert: Of course!
Goldstein: Absolutely!
Achmed: Yes! We love!

So… Let’s get on to the books!
The Bible, old testament, is one book you all read right?

Egbert: Yes, wonderful stuff!
Goldstein: The truth!
Achmed: It is important!

So, you christians read ”the New Testament” and you judes read ”the Talmud” and ”the Torah” and you muslims read ”the Koran”. Right?

Egbert: Yes!
Goldstein: Yes!
Achmed: Yes!

Ok. Why do you feel the need to read those books since you already have come to terms with your faith and God?

Egbert: It is the truth and we need to follow it!
Goldstein: It is guidance from God and we follow it!
Achmed: The Koran is Love and guidance!

But listen… Those books were written ages ago. And our society has changed. For instance it is not allowed to keep slaves which is ok in the Bible. Why don’t you just see these books as a historical heritage which was needed at the time?

Egbert: It is the word of God and apostles!
Goldstein: It is the word of God.
Achmed: It is the word of Allah which we will follow!

Hey wait! Just a few minutes ago you all agreed on the fact that God is Almighty and will judge you all on the final day. And you all agreed that God is infinite love. So whatever is written in those incredibly old books should be adapted by that particular time? Isn’t it possible that it was written with that age’s social structures in mind?

Egbert: It is the word of God, it is timeless!
Goldstein: It is the word of God, it is timeless!
Achmed: It is the word of Muhammed and Allah, it is timeless!

But peeps! There are so much stuff in those books that contradicts the stuff you all agreed on! God is Almighty. God is infinite love. God, and noone else, will judge you on the final day! Why are you going against that original stuff? Why all these religious wars? Why the struggle against homosexuals? Why the suppression of women? Why?

Egbert: We follow the word of Jesus Christ!
Goldstein: We go with the word!
Achmed: Allahu Akbar!

So, let´s sum it up. You all worship the same God. You all agree that God is infinite love. You all believes that you will be judged on the final day. But those books you read makes it impossible to live in peace with each other?

Egbert: Not necessarily! Just accept Jesus Christ as your redeemer!
Goldstein: The books are what we follow. We follow the word of God!
Achmed: It is the truth!

So, if those books didn’t existed, you would all probably live in peace since you all agree on those first three questions? The ones about God, Love and judgement? Hypothetically I mean?

Egbert: Just hypothetically, Yes!
Goldstein: Aha!
Achmed: It is silly, but hypothetically – Yes!

Ok, that concludes this episode of the ”Religious Query Hour”!

//patrik wiksten



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