Hey cold fusion/LENR dudes, you have nothing to fear!

It has become clear to me that some of those who think cold fusion, or LENR is cool doesn’t necessarily think the rest of what is labeled ”New Energy Technology” is as cool. In fact, many of them believes that talks made at the GlobalBEM was way off what is considered acceptable according to their interpretation of the world.

So I say: – Relax guys! Noone demands that you to start Yoga tomorrow! Noone wants you to start meditating and send love out in the universe. You don’t have to investigate the consiousness stuff if you don’t want to!

Just focus on that stuff you do, and do so well!

But consider this:
What if those ZPE guys are on to something? What if there is undiscovered stuff about magnetism? What if that Tesla ”radiant energy” stuff is real? What if we discarded the ”Aether” thing too early? What if the stuff we payed ZzZounds of money to those universities bringing the quantum physics theory isn’t as solid as they claim? What if vortex based math is the key to a grand unified field theory?

This is to me all part of the Science delusion that Rupert Sheldrake is talking about. ”We already know everything what is important to know about the universe and what is about the stuff that happens.” NO?

The fact is that we don’t know shit! The establishment in science is holding on to the ”standard model” and defends it with claws and teeth. The defence of the standard model has become more important than the curiosity of what’s behind that we don’t know. What all of this shit is leading to is supression… We ”know” what has been accepted by the establishment and nothing else….

This world is going in the wrong direction. Is there anyone out there who would like to challenge that statement?

Many of us have children. We love them and we care for them. We want their future to be bright. Simply: We want a better future for our beloved children, right?

What if it turns out that a theory discarded by the establishment since it didn’t fit in with the standard model or other established models and theores did in fact deliver a groundbreaking solution to a long term investigated problem?

What if someone had an idea about that stuff we can’t explain and it turned out to fit in and even complemented the standard model? This years nobel prize winner in physics is about the so called ”Higgs” particle. I need to tell you that the ”expert” hired for commentary regarding the winner presented in swedish television sighed with relief while he stated that the Higgs particle did in fact fit in with the standard model. Why is that?

You owe it to your children to investigate everything in this material world to make stuff better. There is no way anything will get better if we continue to state that stuff is what it is according to an established theory. No way!

LENR/Cold fusion came from the fringe of establishment. Pons/Fleischmann did in fact belong to the beloved establishment but dared to challenge it. And they suffered… Today it has become ESTABLISHED that there is an anomalous factor coming out of those experiments and there is a race to theorize it…

LENR is ALMOST accepted and will soon to be theorized to fit in with the standard model…

So, cold fusion was a joke 15  years ago… Pons/Fleischmann was two dudes with wild and crazy illusions… According to the establishment…

Why the need to disregard? Why not approach a new theory with curiosity instead of trying to defend the current view on stuff? Why is it more important to debunk a statement than to fully investigate it and try to find connections to other theories? Why?

I state that the way to go is collaboration! You don’t have to believe, just see it as a possibility! You might think that the PROBABILITY for a certain theory to be functioning is low, but it is still a possibility! That way you will have scenarios that may be investigated and make sure that you didn’t suppress any information. In that way you will see new curious scientists taking on those pathways you didn’t regard as high probability!  And that way you will be sure you didn’t disregard cruicial information to future generations…

Maybe some day we will find out that it is possible to combine LENR with some other theory and make even more impact on the energy market.

We all want the same thing – a more sustainable energy market!

So relax and enjoy the ride!

//patrik wiksten


2 thoughts on “Hey cold fusion/LENR dudes, you have nothing to fear!

  1. Hey Patrik,

    Most of us working with Cold Fusion / LENR is old, plus 60. Was it not for the reignition with certain demonstrations and progresses made over the last 3 years people was fearing (with good reasons) that the field would die out.

    (LENR have suffered a number of losses from great pioneers recently)

    It is true our community has been a very conservative however that is now changing because of fresh ideas, new money and new blood poring into the industry.

    I agree with you Patrik, maybe, in the future LENR can be combined with other technologies, ex for space applications etc and personally I think that if ”you” guys want to send love to the Universe, meditate, bath in yogurt or whatever it is you do, im kind of fine with that.

    You have no idea what things I have done AND GOTTEN AWAY with in order to promote Cold Fusion….

    We have one direction – thats forward and if we can get there no one will question how we did it because in the end stopping pollution is a matter of life and death, for us and for our children.

    We dont have to think the same, we dont even have to like each other, we can still work together because it the end our goal are probably more or less the same, cheap green energy to fuel us into the future.

    People should be free to live life just as they want and to pursue any way of thinking or science they way choose to.

    Sincerly / DB

  2. Hi,

    (Hi Dr Bob too)
    I agree that I am one of those you describe. as you say, free energy is not ”my cup of tea”…
    however it is not because it challenge the established physics…
    it is because it does not works, that evidence are not solid.. among the free energy domain, the least unproven may be the Papp engine family, but we need more evidence, and I don’t bet much on it…

    beside free energy, one challenging technology interest me :
    The Emdrive.
    Unlike papp engine, it have been validated by a third party, an Chinese team from the school of astronautics (Yang Juan). It is open described, and hide no secrets.

    If you are interested you can look at my scoop it
    and first see their FAQ about Emdrive, and the few papers…

    I don’t say it is really proven (my crackpot detector is activated, but my evidence judge too), but at least it should deserve to be proven real or proven false… seriously.

    I judge that, fringe or not fringe, we focus too much on theory. theories, laws, are just frozen evidences translated into a model of reality… they are observations, not rules.

    AlainCo the techwatcher of lenr-forum


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