Those kids…

I have been blessed with four children. Blessed is an expression often used by those who tries to express this spiritual gesture with a connection to religion.

A blessing has nothing to do with religion. It is love sent from one individual to another individual or group. Blessings is something you should do often to those you love. Send them blessings as often as you feel the urge to do so. Blessings are good!

”I have been blessed with four children” is an expression that I use to confirm the love I have recieved from the power of creation. This power is divine and should be respected. So I celebrate the power of creation in this universe and stand in awe of the power who can create such beautiful happenings as the birth of a child.

I have four children. And I love them silly much. They are hungry and thirsty every day. I feed them and I drench their thirst physically. But they need more… Those kids need love! I try to give them love everyday. And lots of it. They also need direction and advise, but most of all they need confirmation! And that is what we adults need to understand. Confirmation is the key to a great childhood. Just stop and think for a moment; you are recently brought to this world and have no experience living in this often insane world. Every step you take as a young one should be encouraged! Every combination of words put together by SELF MUST be celebrated.

You as a parent has since long forgotten the emotional turmoil that dominate every childhood. You will surely remember spectacular events from your childhood, but do you really remember how you felt? I say that emotions are forgotten! We don’t remember the strong feelings we had as a child for simple and everyday occuring events. A friend who suddenly turns and say a word with negative meaning about you is a physical blow. A friend who finds another friend and doesn’t show as much attention to you as earlier is a betrayal…

This is what we need to understand. We have experience. We have seen everyday events around the world for some time and are able to filtrate information. We need to have that range of emotions in consideration when we listen to our frustrated and ”confused over everyday happenings”- children. They are CHILDREN. They will get impressed by stuff we know is fake. They will stand in awe over stuff we know is illusion. Why? BECAUSE THEY ARE CHILDREN! They hunger for experiences!

Most of all, our children need to learn the social stuff. How to act while spending time among other homo sapiens. The social game is the game of life in many ways. It is critical in business. It is critical in relationships. It is critical to understand why certain events sometimes goes in a direction which defies logic.

Our children is us. It is an opportunity to reflect on yourself. Our children is our blood and what will follow when we’re gone. Our children is a product of love and should be treaded such. Love is the greatest thing… …and our children is an everyday reflection of love. So love them, respect them and provide an environment for them to grow, not just physically!

//patrik wiksten



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