For whom the bell tolls

Yees, we made it! It’s 2013 and we haven’t destroyed our civilisation yet! This is great news!

Although we everyday read the same shit in the news. Someone killed some people far far away. Someone killed one person some distance away. The political dudes agreed to disagree about a figure who apparently was important to the continuance of the political debate. Some scientist just discovered that saturated fat MAY be good for learning. And those resistant bacteria just flourished in a local hospital. Some baptist church people just burned a hundred copies of the Koran.

This is the shit we have to read EVERY SINGLE DAY. Those of you who has passed 40 years according to the sun cycle have seen this EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every single day the news people bashes out new places and new people who has killed people somewhere. Every single day you are brutally targeted with new commercials telling you to buy this and that and that and that…

Every single day there are magazines who tells you how you should view your life. How you should look. What worldly items you should possess.

This shit is going to go on EVERY SINGLE DAY until we get it. ”It” is the fact that we are all one on this planet. Everything we do affects someone. Everything we buy makes an impact on the global market. The global market is defined by: Market definition, Production, marketing, selling and aftermarket. You as a consumer are in that process whether you like it or not. Every item you buy is a piece of the puzzle. Your money is important to you, you want to pay as little as possible for the best product you can get. ”Most bang for the buck!”.

Are you really so stupid that you don’t understand that this price hunt has a REAL LIFE COST? Every price you chase will someday have an impact on your children. Everything you get cheap will someday come back as a bitch for those you leave behind when you leave this realm. We cannot pretend that our local market is isolated.

So please wake up. W a k e u p. As in ”awakening”. Mainstream media isn’t going to help. They want what their masters want; STATUS QUO. Get your news from independent sources and not from those who are owned by those who promotes STATUS QUO.

The bell tolls for all of us.

//patrik wiksten



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