The non-support for war in Syria

What is behind the hardship for both Obama and Cameron to get support for military action in Syria? Cameron suffered a humiliating defeat in the house of commons and was voted down by a clear majority. Obama had to take a step back and even though he was clear about the mandate; he can order a strike on Syria without the support from congress, but chooses to ask ”the people” as he expresses himself.

Both leaders have little support from the public according to recent polls.

Is the world experiencing some kind of awakening? And in that case, what is behind it?


The american public is weary of war and hesitant to engage in any conflicts abroad. This is of course a result of the Bush-wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And it is my opinion they are starting to believe that ”the war on terror” isn’t getting any closer to ”victory” by invading other countries. I have heard many americans state that ”USA is getting in too deep too fast in problems that America should not stick their nose into”. War is also costly for an already strained economy.

The world now knows that Iraq never had any weapons of mass destruction and the so called evidence was fabricated and enhanced with lies. We remember Colin Powell’s powerful speech in UN where he stated:

”My colleagues, every statement I make today is backed up by sources, solid sources. These are not assertions. What we’re giving you are facts and conclusions based on solid intelligence”

Powell has officially and in public regretted this speech and calls it a ”permanent blot” on his record.

The violent civilian deaths in Iraq following the 2003 invasion is according to the organization ”Iraq Body Count” between 114 000 – 125 000 people.

There is an ever growing number of veterans coming home from war experiencing difficulties in adapting to society. A large opinion states that these veterans is treated badly and being ignored by the government.

There is little doubt that the George W. Bush doctrine has made it severely harder to gain support for war.

Mainstream media

The Gulf war a.k.a ”Operation desert storm” back in 1991 was in many ways a victory for the large media companies. It was a heavily televised war where the public for the first time could see live coverage from the actual war zone. The PR-section of the american forces provided imagery obtained from ”camera equipped high tech missiles” where we could see how precise these so called ”precision strikes” were. We were able for the first time to see what the missile saw before it exploded and destroyed ”military” targets.

CNN and all the major broadcasting networks provided trustworthy news-anchors who would together with correspondents at the site provide dramatic images live on TV. The war was suddenly entertainment and mainstream media became the ”right-hand man” of the Nato war propaganda, particularly to the US armed forces. Everyone believed what they told you and no, or at the best scarce, counterpart information was provided.

Bill Hicks (December 16, 1961 – February 26, 1994), was an american comedian who had much to say about the Gulf-war and was one of few who challenged mainstream media. Personally I love his performances and believe he was far ahead of his time regarding insights in what was really happening.

Bill Hicks on the Gulf-war:

The new independent media, social media and whistleblowers

One of the first so called ”whistleblowers” was a naval officer named ”Samuel Shaw” who opposed the torture of british prisoners of war during the Revolutionary War in 1777. The Continental Congress enacted ”the whistleblower protection law” in the following year.

There has been throughout history several famous cases where individuals leaking information have had enormous effect on events otherwise held in the dark. One of the most famous individuals is Daniel Ellsberg (1931 -) who leaked the ”Pentagon papers” to The New York Times. This lead to a serious erosion of public support for the war in Vietnam. Ellsberg has been influential and motivated many other whistleblowers to step forward.

With the evolution of social media there has been many more voices heard regarding cover-ups and dark operations performed by government agencies and other organizations. Distribution through Twitter or Facebook reaches a large mass in no-time and plays an important role in todays more doubtful audience.

With Bradley Manning and Wikileaks it all evolved to a different level and suddenly the term ”whistleblower” was not used by the US government. Instead Manning was treated as a traitor.

Many of todays whistleblowers get engaged somehow in independent media and inspires other to see the value in getting the truth to general public.

Sibel Edmonds worked as a FBI translator and was fired in 2002 for ”incompetence” after she tried to publish information regarding a coming attack on US soil involving Usama Bin Laden. She testified before the 9/11 commission but the testimony was excluded from the official report.

Sibel Edmonds

In 2004 she founded National Security Whistleblowers Coalition which purpose is to help national security whistleblowers. She also founded Boiling Frogs Post – an independent media site who provides investigative journalism.

Examples of other independent and alternative news sites:

  • Infowars: An independent media site run by Alex Jones who has hundreds of millions of viewers on Youtube.
  • The Corbett Report: Run since 2007 by James Corbett providing news, podcasts, interviews and articles based on the ”open source intelligence” principle. James Corbett is also featured on Boiling Frogs Post.
  • The Young Turks: Although not completely independent (states they only work with carefully selected partners) it provides talk shows regarding news and current events. It claims to be the largest online news show network in the world. It was started in 2002 by Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Dave Koller and Jill Pike
  • The Peoples Voice: Will start daily online broadcasts on youtube in november 2013 according to it’s founder David Icke. It started as a Indiegogo project and managed to raise 300 000 british pounds in one month with an initial goal of 100 000 pounds.

The audience of these new independent or so called ”alternative” news sites is getting bigger everyday and many consider them their first and foremost provider of news.

This is of course a threat to mainstream media and that is why we never hear anything about them.

To me personally they are important as a counterpart information source.


Yes, people are waking up all over the world. We don’t trust information spread by our leaders or that is revealed by intelligence. At least not when they try to convince us to support war efforts.

Mainstream media has difficulties to pound out their story without being questioned by independent sources. Independent sources are heard in a larger scale thanks to social media and growing suspicion towards the large media conglomerates who’s owners can be counted on one hand.

This all considered makes it much harder for our leaders to convince the general public to support them in difficult issues. This is a healthy turn in history in my opinion and necessary if we want to come to an end with the current paradigm which is devastating to this planet and it’s inhabitants.

The current events in Syria is terrifying and the world cannot allow murder of civilians with or without chemical weapons and not act. We must act but through United Nations. Although this organization is slow and ineffective it is imperative that everything is considered. If there is a problem with the UN being ineffective – then throw in all efforts to make it more efficient! We still don’t know for sure who is behind the chemical attacks and it would be devastating to launch an attack against the wrong perpetrator.

The situation in Syria is extremely complex. There is no black or white. There are many factions fighting the current regime, but also fighting among these factions. What will happen if the syrian government falls? What will follow? How many civilian casualties will there be if US launches an attack on the current regime? How will Russia, China and Iran act? This is a scenario which could lead to a third world war.

Many voices are heard concluding that Obama has painted himself into a corner and USA will appear as a ”paper tiger” if no military action is taken. IDIOTS! A true leader is strong when he can admit he is wrong. A true leader should always seek a peaceful solution. A strong leader changes his opinion when he realizes that he has jumped to conclusions and didn’t have all facts.

It is time we get rid of the warmongers and question the current geopolitical climate. It is time to end injustice and large companies ravaging the earth and profiting while other suffers. Why not try to understand what Eisenhower really meant when he warned the american public about ”The military industrial complex” in his farewell address to the people.

//patrik wiksten



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