People say NO! Politicians say NO! Snowden is NOT the bad guy!

The upcoming weeks will reveal how much resources will be spent to get the so called enemy of the state.  There will be lots of well known politicians demanding the capture of Snowden. They will accuse him of treason and high voices will claim that he has compromised national security and demand that all efforts are made to ”neutrialize the threat”.

These guys are doing so because they are afraid. They are terrified of what could happen if  the truth reaches common people. Because if that happens, there will be some kind of revolution. Maybe not the kind of revolution that you probably see in your mind, but a new kind. The awakening…

Snowden has revealed information so vital to all human beings on this planet who uses services on the internet. He hasn’t sold out USA. He hasn’t recruited ”terrorists” or given information to the enemy. The only thing this cool dude has done is telling the truth. Nothing else.

People say NO! Do not let officials initiate a worldwide hunt for this guy. Politicians say NO! You won’t gain political influence by acting patriotic. You the american people and also people across the world should all send a thank you note to Snowden for revealing something truly wrong, and a threat to democracy.

//patrik wiksten



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