Humans are spiritual beings…

There are millions, even billions of the species ”homo sapiens” on this planet who belongs to a religion. The key word for all religions is ”faith”.  The recipe for a successful religion is:

  1. A charismatic leader who claim to have contact with deities. Or in some cases just the ONE. What is common through all religions is that you have some kind of creation story where these deities are the creators not only of our society, but also physically. They created us!
  2. A book written by the leader or at least published by the leader who claims that he/she wrote it under godly influence. This book should be vast and contain lots of cool historical things which will point out a path to the followers.
  3. God wants money! So somehow you have to state that the followers should share a percentage of their income to the creators and appointed leaders.
  4. A cool place to go and listen to your religious leaders. It could be a church or a mosque, or some place where the leader can be elevated while pounding out those sacred words.
  5. Dedicated followers who would die rather than deny what is written in the book.
  6. If the instigator is dead he should have died an unfair and violent death while defending his faith.
  7. A certain number of rituals regarding different stuff in life, such as a funeral for those who die.
  8. Power to make people do things and follow that is written in the awesome book.
  9. A hierarchical based organisation where you can advance and gain power. Power is good and awarded to those who have more faith than others regarding to those who decide. Like the Idol jury.
  10. Messengers out of this world who seem to appear solely to a certain dude at a certain point in time, delivering a message from god. Often these messengers are equipped with wings or some other type of mutation.
  11.  Set of rules described in the awesome book which everyone must follow or otherwise considered as the one who went astray from the path.
  12. Some kind of punishment to those who doesn’t follow the set of rules.
  13. A final solution and an answer to what happens when your physical body ceases to exist.

But most of all you have to have F A I T H!  You must believe what is written and what your religious leaders say. Otherwise you will become an outcast and not worthy…

Ok, listen.

If you were a narcissist who happens to think that all you say or do is right and all others are wrong. What would be the single most important event in your life? What would you like most of all?


And that is what religion is all about. The ability to control other people. Religion has nothing to do with SPIRITUALITY.

Abraham Maslow was an american phycologist who created the ”Maslow hierarchy of needs” which states that a human being cannot be complete without some basic needs:



I would say that he is on to something but is missing maybe the most important:- Spirituality! We have a need for spirituality, otherwise we would never submit to a religion… We need to know why we are here and what will happen to us when we die. We need to understand what has created all the beauty in this world, but also that is considered evil. The reason we submit to a religion is simply that we do not have knowledge or understanding to challenge those who claim to have all answers. We are more or less forced into faith. And it is comforting to truly believe in something. In fact, I personally respect those who have faith and can sometimes even feel envy. It seems so easy to live your life through someone else’s experiences and mindset. That way you don’t have to the job yourself, but still can feel complete since you know that you follow the right path according to the leaders and the awesome book.

Information society has brought us the opportunity to search for knowledge and facts in an instant. Google is the new deity. We don’t have to trust what is given through our morning paper or what the priest says at the local church. If we can read we can collect enough facts to make our own opinion. We don’t really need mass media anymore. We don’t need to buy a paper who was printed several hours ago when we can get the latest news online. Information society has given us opportunity to connect with people all around the world in a blink of an eye. And my experience is that many human beings is starting to question all that earlier has been presented to us. We nowadays have alternative media who often contradicts what those common news channels provide.

Sadly politicians and religious people hasn’t understood what information society is all about… It is a much better way to exercise democracy than the old ways where we all were puppets more or less, trusting what was presented to us through media and meetings.

No people! God didn’t die when we invented the internet! If you believe there is a God you can still have faith. But I urge you all to question what has been presented to you defining God. We are spiritual beings who need to understand why we are here and what we can do to make us more righteous.

I urge you to question our history, more specifically our earliest history which has been presented to us from the establishment. There are many ”free thinkers” who has spent their life investigating what has really been going on often thousands of years ago. People with vast knowledge of human history who have dared to question and searched the facts. I would recommend you all to listen, and read the works of people such as Graham Hancock or John Antony West who has made a journey through all that is known about much of our early history and have questioned it.

Most of all though, I urge you to set yourself free from unnecessary norms in society and try to see things in a different perspective. Release yourself from fears and dare to talk about subjects considered as Taboo. What you don’t understand at a first glance doesn’t have to mean that you should dismiss the information or violently criticise it. Just let it stroll around in your brain and don’t accept it until you have seen all sides of it.

We are spiritual beings and we don’t have to fear anything. We can question that we don’t feel comfortable with. The most important thing for you is to be YOU! Be FREE! And of course, dare to question what I am writing since you read all of it… ;O)

//patrik wiksten



One thought on “Humans are spiritual beings…

  1. Patrik, thank you so much for your informative and insightful blogsite! I am fortunate to have lived three years in Sweden (Orebro/Lindesberg). I learned so much from the much more openminded Swedish people I met, who became good friends. I will continue to follow you and yes, Maybe I will dare question you!


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