What if…

What if our history has been orchestrated? What if our past has been ”pushed” in a desired direction by those who desires?

What if all those so called ”wise words” that has imprinted our society with norms just were put there by those who wanted those words considered wise?

Already you are beginning to think ”Oh no, not another conspiracy theory”…

What if I’m not a conspiracy theorist or a lunatic? What if I am sane, collected and fun to hang out with? What if I am that guy you would appreciate as a friend or as a golf buddy?

What if?

Hey! We get most of our information from media. Some of our information goes by friends and family. But who do we trust? Let’s say your best friend tells you that the world has shifted upside down and he has proof of it. You listen politely to you friend and consider his thoughts. But what do you do next? You turn to media to get it confirmed! You check your everyday paper and search the headlines about the world turning upside down. Then you turn on you television and watch the news. And if you don’t get confirmation you google, google and google all over again… And SUDDENLY you find a youtube clip from someone called ”thetruthshallsetyoufree” who confirms that the world has shifted… We are now upside down!

Wow! Now you’re baffled! That is just what your friend told you! But heeeey… It’s just your old friend who you always competed with and always won who found that stuff on internet and tagged along. That couldn’t be right since there has been nothing in the media about it.

You also find a youtube clip from NASA who denies the fact that the world has shifted upside down. This was posted since ”a little girl” had contacted NASA worrying about a rumour that the world was upside down…

Isn’t it weird that we all value what is written in the paper more than what is spoken from our friends? Isn’t it weird that we always try to confirm stuff said in media?

Why is that?

It’s easy… What is your morning routine? You get up, shower and have breakfast. Surely if you have time you will read the news either in a ”paper” paper or by your Ipad or computer. That is what you start your day with… That means that you trust your news provider to provide you with relevant facts about what’s going on around the globe.

What if they are wrong? What if their sources are wrong? What if someone is orchestrating everything pushing information suited to their purposes?

Nope dear ones… I´m not claiming that it occurs at a regular basis. I´m not claiming anything… I just want to point out the fact that ALL of you TRUST your everyday provider of information without questioning it! That makes you vulnerable.

Regardless of what you believe or think, it might be a good call to get more inputs of what’s happening in the world. It might be considered ”democratic” to investigate more sources of information. 

Otherwise all those ”conspiracy theorists” may get ”fuel on the fire” since you´re not listening to anything else than so called ”mainstream media”…

Let’s get information without having the fear of ”disinformation”… Let´s support alternative media to get a second perspective!

//patrik wiksten




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