North Korea – The land of opportunity

Or not…

The last few days we’ve read lot’s of stuff regarding Kim jong Un and the capability of North Korea. Mainstream media has reported all stuff regarding what’s official. Apparently the official stuff right now is that North Korea has declared war against United States of America and South Korea. Still it’s not making ”BREAKING NEWS”…

Weird huh?

This Kim guy is a guy who apparently is in possession of nuclear weapons. He believes that he can send these nuclear weapons half across the globe and destroy american cities. And apparently US says ”yeah right”.

North Korea is the last castle of true fascism. It is the only country in the world who believes that their leader can beat Tiger Woods with like 18 strokes in an 18 hole competition. It is the only country in the world who can get their citizens to cry (like tears) on order…

Why doesn’t mainstream media act on this? Is it because they know something we don’t? Is it all of this nucleat threat just a play?

Every news channel that I’ve come across handles this as a secondary thing.

Why is that?

Apparently noone including the UN, that North Korea can deliver anything close to what they are declaring. So what if they can?

What if N. Korea launches a nuclear strike on Hawaii. Which in my opinion is most likely regarding the facts that has been presented. I am pretty sure that US can defend against that and rebuff the threat with missiles. 

What will happen?

A country has open fire on US. This particular country is buddy with China. The chinese has up to this point told everyone to cool down. But what happens if US retaliate on Korea?

Believe me peeps. This isn’t as easy as it is described in mainstream media.

This is probably another chapter in the urge to create a global community with global currency and global initiative to act. This is a scam as everything else…

We can solve the conflict with North Korea with diplomacy. With diplomats who truly wants to create peace and stability and are not representing a corporation…

Let´s do it…




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