The UFO phenomenon

The silliest question in the world is this one: ”Do you believe in UFO:s?”

If someone throws a sausage at you and you duck since you saw something coming, but didn’t really get what it was, you have just had an UFO experience.

It was an unidentified flying object! Every single thing that fly that you can’t identify is an UFO…

Another almost as silly is this one: ”Are we alone in the universe?”

Of course NOT!

You don’t have to do much count to realize that there are otherwordly beings in this universe… There are simply too many stars and planets out there not to host life.

The reason why you hesitate is because of mainstream media, religion and the fear of what other people might think of you if you stated something in that direction!

We have been taught since childhood that UFO:s and alien life is a fairytale. Religion, regardless of what you believe in, does not include aliens… But why do we call them aliens? Big Bang occured almost 14 billion years ago according to science. Before Big Bang we were all packaged in a space in the size of a golfball (according to science). And then BOOM! (as Piers Morgan would have put it!). We originate from that same golfball regardless if you live on planet Earth or another planet somewhere in the universe! There ARE no aliens dudes and dames! We are all part of the same universe and we all came to this world from the same ”Bang”!

Let’s say that a UFO appears over a city. Many people saw it and tries to report it to someone. Some call 911, or 112 in Europe. Some call media and some call the priest… Suddenly you have an UFO incident. Let’s say that a hundred people reported it to different authorities. Then media has to raise it in the evening news. Notice the way mainstream media ALWAYS tackles this problem: They ALWAYS has this certain smirk on their face and ALWAYS appear distant from the phenomenon… It is as they don’t really want to report it but has to since there were som many who reported it. AND you will of course hear the words ”Maybe we’re not alone after all!” They will send a reporter out on the street and interview people asking the obvious question: ”Do you believe in UFO:s?” AND they will consult a UFO critic who will raise questions if it really was a natural phenomenon. Extremely seldom some will consult a so called ”believer”…

Why is that?

Why do you have to be a believer or not?

Apparently there is ok to believe that this otherworldly being created man 5000 years ago and gave them ten commandments. If you break these commandments you will go to hell! But he LOVES you, this dude up in heaven… And that isn’t hard at all to report about in mainstream media…

JEEEZ, wake up!

Of course there is life elsewhere in the universe. If these beings have visited earth is an entirely different question! If the stuff some see in the skies are ET:s or not – It isn’t important really! What is important is that we acknowledge the fact that there ARE ET:s out there. If they have the capability to travel through space and become interstellar – COOL!

What we need to clarify to our governments is that we will not accept any coverups regarding the UFO Phenomenon. We want to know! We are entitled to know! And if we in some way can benefit from these possible visitations – Let us all benefit, and don’t make it a military operation…

What I am saying is keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to talk about ET:s. It shouldn’t be harder to talk about than Jesus or Mohammed… It is something that is obvious and should be investigated in a much larger scale without any awkward feelings…

In 2008 the Vatican made a press release stating that alien life may exist on other planets. WOW! This hasn’t been a big thing at all. It should be according to our history and religious heritage…

Free your mind! Don’t be afraid of getting close to the subject. Investigate and collaborate. If there is a possibility to gain access to clean energy and other otherwordly benefits from ET:s – Let’s do it! We are all part of this universe…

//patrik wiksten



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