Dear Mr Netanyahu

A whole world has been watching you for almost a lifetime. A lifetime that is truly for those who live in Gaza. You have the power to go to war, and you also have the power to make peace.

There are a lot of reruns on TV daily. Some of them I like and others I am sick of watching. Like this series ”Murder in Gaza”. It is a rerun that has been going on like forever. I have no idea how it can be economically viable, but some dude out there certainly like it, because it´s on frequently. It seems to be more popular just before the israeli election. I have no idea why, maybe it´s tradition?

By the way, Mr Netanyahu. From my point of view you are a relic. And relics belong in a museum. Maybe one day you will understand this. But I´m hesitant…

And one more important thing. I also think those Hamas guys are relics and should be put in the same museum. You on the one side, Hamas on the other. And, Oh! I almost forgot. The sign above should read ”Ancient history, when mankind didn´t know better and religious leaders and politicians thought they could use their power to force slaves to kill other slaves for the sake of false righteoussness”

Do the right thing. Leave the playground, and let some more enlightened people lead the way. Peace dude!



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